About Us

Verdant Word specializes in communicating scientific ideas to a popular audience. We believe information about the natural world should be accurate and accessible. We are committed to contributing our expert knowledge and skill to construct approachable, exciting and factual scientific pieces for all readers. In addition to science writing, we also help companies of all sizes share their stories through thoroughly reported articles and Web copy targeted for print or digital media. Our experience ranges from working with agricultural publications to writing human-interest profiles, as well as shelter and lifestyle articles.

Meet our senior editors

Eleanor Spicer Rice // Senior Science Editor

Eleanor Spicer Rice lends her analytical and editorial background to identifying and producing a variety of scientific communications projects. Eleanor has her Ph.D. in entomology from NC State University, where she studied the intricate and fascinating interactions between ant species. She’s presented her award-winning research at conferences across the United States. Eleanor fosters her passion for sharing others’ research with general audiences in a number of publications, including Our State Magazine, American Scientist, and USAA Magazine. The voice behind Buzz Hoot Roar, Eleanor oversees the overall editorial direction for the acclaimed sciart blog. She also delivers presentations for general audiences of all sizes on topics from sustainable pest management strategies to why honey bees dance. As co-founder and senior science editor of Verdant Word, Eleanor combines her understanding of the scientific process and her ability to communicate with general audiences to convey research to the public.

Robin Sutton Anders // Managing Editor

With 15 years of experience in the publishing industry, Robin understands the importance of listening to a client’s needs and getting to know their audiences. She loves the collaboration process and believes there’s always an opportunity to strengthen communications through targeted and precise writing and editing. After graduating with an English degree from NC State University, Robin spent six years working with some of Time Inc.’s most esteemed pubs, including Southern Living, Coastal Living, and Cottage Living. She obtained an MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham before returning to her home state of North Carolina, where she worked as an account manager for Pace Communications. Now, as co-founder and managing editor of Verdant Word, Robin produces and writes lifestyle articles, works with clients to create web content, and assists organizations with processes ranging from editorial planning to fact-checking to content editing.

Meet our writers

Verdant Word matches its writers’ talents to clients’ unique project needs to ensure clarity, accuracy and style.

Julia Ellis // Writer

Julia Ellis’s work history ranges from juvenile fish and shark research in the Chesapeake Bay region to managing conservation projects for a non-profit. Ellis has edited science textbook chapters and manuscripts, and written about subjects ranging from shark diet to tobacco farming. Her work as a fact checker has given her the opportunity to talk to people across North Carolina, from brewers and farmers to artists and politicians. Ellis has a master’s degree in marine science from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and a bachelor’s degree from the College of William & Mary.
Todd Silberman // Writer and communications strategist

Todd Silberman writes for results that inform, provoke and motivate readers. As a newspaper reporter, Todd helped bring attention to critical issues, from child poverty in one of North Carolina’s poorest cities to school resegregation in one of its wealthiest to a dropout crisis across the state. As communications and research director for one of the state’s leading education non-profits, Todd found and told compelling stories from the perspective of educators and students, with a clear message aimed at business leaders, policy makers and donors. He helped the organization get strong, positive coverage on the front page, the editorial page and the op-ed page. He believes that good writing is plain English, plainly spoken. That’s how he approaches his work as a journalist and in communications. Todd is known for his ability to translate the complex into the comprehensible for informed and uninformed readers alike.
Chris Trlica // Writer

Chris Trlica
Chris Trlica combines his passions for science and literature to craft pieces on a variety of topics, from agroeconomy to cool applications for drones. After graduating from NC State, Chris continues his passion for science through his work in university research labs. His extensive scientific background and enthusiasm for the natural world lend a unique, expert perspective to his scientific writing. When he’s not helping develop revolutionary new materials or communicate science, Chris can be found working in his impressive garden or fostering his miniature orchid collection.
Daisy Aschehoug // Writer

Daisy Aschehoug
Daisy Aschehoug brings a diverse background to her research and writing. She builds and manages websites, writes press releases, develops long-term management plans for natural resource agencies at the state and federal level, provides graphic design services, and facilitates contentious public policy debates around the country. She even co-manages her family timber business. Daisy has a bachelor’s degree in English from Davidson College and Master’s degree in Environmental Studies with a certificate in Natural Resource Conflict Resolution from the University of Montana. She’s two credits away from a post baccalaureate degree in Media Arts and insists on maintaining her “art school drop-out” status. Daisy volunteers as a mediator in her local district family and criminal courts and sews charity quilts for children in need.
Allison Stockdale Mullen // Writer

Allison Stockdale Mullen
After graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Georgia, Allison Stockdale Mullen served as an underwriter for both a large corporation and a mid-size private brokerage; held contacts with associates across the country; and holds a property and casualty insurance license. As part of her underwriting job, Allison wrote daily explanations of adequacies of risk and analyses of price. With a love of writing and a passion for learning, Allison launched her freelance writing career in 2011. Since then, she has collaborated with agronomists and extension specialists for her work with Southern States Cooperative and Tobacco Farm Quarterly Magazine. At Verdant Word, Allison uses her background in business communications and an ever increasing knowledge of finance and agriculture to specialize her writing in these fields.
Kate Desmond // Writer

Kate Desmond
Kate Desmond served as director of Public Relations for an all-girls high school in Cincinnati, Ohio, after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Dayton. Since then, she helped develop several independent businesses, including a golf fitness company, a family owned gift boutique, and even her own granola company, McCabe’s Granola, which she eventually sold. Kate currently lends her time and talent to Charlie’s Kids Foundation, where she serves as Board Member and head of the Public Relations and Marketing Committee to educate the public about safe sleep practices for infants. She uses storytelling to inspire, delight and inform her audiences. At Verdant Word, Kate brings this passion to every writing assignment.